The mission of the School of Science and Technology is to create a safe and healthy learning environment that nurtures, motivates, and enables our middle and high school youth to develop into mindful and responsible people who contribute to their community and to the diverse society in which we all live. Our program is characterized by the cooperative presence and unified support of caring families, businesses, as well as educational and civic groups, with whom our students will interact. Our instruction guides students through development of creative and critical thinking and learning skills, and enables them to apply these skills through cooperative and interactive instruction in the core curricular areas.

Why the charter school model is selected?

  • To prepare students for academic success 
  • To enable students to have a broad spectrum of options 
  • To create productive students and responsible citizens 
  • To equip students with contemporary skills 

Academic goals

  • Creativity 
  • Leadership 
  • Critical thinking 
  • Problem solving 
  • Effective learning 


The primary focus of SST shall be on core knowledge and essential skills so children may achieve the content mastery upon which further learning shall be built on.  The school's strong academic program shall reduce achievement gaps by eliminating an important cause which is the lack in mastery of basic knowledge and skills required for further academic achievement.  SST shall make sure different teaching methods are employed to ensure mastery of appropriate skills, ideas, and knowledge for all students regardless of race, gender, or socioeconomic background.

Specific elements required to accomplish our vision include:

  • Rigorous curricula, instruction and appropriate assessment. 
  • Governance, leadership and staffing. 
  • Parent and community involvement. 
  • Instructional technology and multimedia involvement in the learning process. 

It becomes mandatory to have a whole-school design, involving a comprehensive and continuing effort to realize and implement these four essential elements in an integrated manner. It is the educator's responsibility to construct a program that engages and motivates students to invest their talents, energy, and enthusiasm in completing their schoolwork in an exemplary manner. This model shall help faculty regard every child as a unique, valued and vital member of the school community. Individual attention in the form of one-on-one tutoring, intensive counseling and individualized goals is the key to motivating our students.

The educational innovations that shall distinguish this school from other schools:

The model explained above shall provide students with a positive learning experience so that they shall be able to realize some degree of success in academic pursuits. They shall be provided with opportunities to expand their mental and physical abilities in wholesome, socially accepted activities. Students and teachers consider themselves partners in the students' educational program, where there shall be mutual respect and support. SST believes that addressing students' successes and failures are equally important for the students' growth. Thought and expression develop out of experience.  Learning should nurture a sense of caring for other people and the environment.  Ultimately learning should be fun.

Students' attitude towards learning greatly influences the effectiveness of any educational strategies or techniques. SST will offer character development courses and activities in order to equip its students with a positive attitude which will in turn improve students' achievements.

Integrated in the learning process shall be diverse instructional technology, such as most recent audio-visual materials, and state-of-art computer systems as these would be essential difference in our education plan. Classes shall be furnished with multimedia oriented computers and other visual and audio devices. We believe that exposure to computer at an early age shall lead students to establish a technology oriented education in their future.

Recognizing that educational success shall be realized only when the essential underlying triad of s student-teacher-parent/guardian is in harmony, the mission of the SST is to create a partnership among this triad that shall provide our youth with the support necessary to reach their highest potential - intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically.

The educational vision and innovation crucial to accomplishing this mission are organized under two main headings: specific elements and whole-school design. 

The specific design elements fall into five categories:

  • rigorous curricula, instruction, and appropriate assessment; 
  • governance, leadership, and staffing; 
  • parent and community involvement; 
  • instructional technology and multimedia; 
  • financing;